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Maintenance tips

How to maintain and store the products tinted by vegetable dye?

The products of this brand are dyed with vegetable dyes.

- Resistant to light
- Resists washing
Performance may vary depending on the plants used.

We strive to select plants that produce long-lasting dyes, in order to maintain our level of quality and your satisfaction.

To preserve the quality of our products, they should be washed quickly by hand at 20-30°C. This method is highly recommended.

Synthetic detergents contain additives such as brighteners and sodium sulphate to increase their cleaning power, so for the sake of the environment, we recommend that you avoid these types of detergents.

SHIROKARA produit décoration intérieure la coloration naturelle 

Handling Precautions

Max 30° hand wash

Do not use bleach

​ Iron at medium temperature

​Do not tumble dry

​* Sensitive to changes in PH levels. Use environmentally friendly laundry products.

​* Keep out of direct sunlight


Test result : machine wash 8 times on the delicates program
(20°C, for 45min)



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